Friday, October 9, 2009

Stop playing fantasy football! Learn to make money!

There is no way to make free money. Everything requires a little work on your part. Instead of playing Fantasy Football on yahoo, or some other ridiculous online game...Learn how to make money with the pros! With sites such as WallStreetSurvivor not only are you able to recieve 100k virtual money upon sign up, but prizes are often given to the people that can guess the daily stock symbol close. There are also plenty of other stock games you can play for not only virtual money but real money as well. Don't be afraid to play the market with virtual money, and make moves based on your heart, not only your mind. This is how you become successful, when other day traders are making moves based on daily headlines from various news outlets. This way you are able to see which moves would have actually generated a real income based on your moves. Stop relying on financial advisors to make your moves for you. Get educated, and be prepared to learn.

Fantasy stocks are a great way to learn the stock market

By learning how to analyze financial data, displayed by providers such as yahoo and other free market lookups, you are able to make money in a seemingly unstable market. How you ask? The answer is simple. Before you can begin to analyze financial data, and look at things such as candle stick charts (used by the Japanese for 1000s of years), you must first use your heart, to choose which stock symbols to analyze for financial data. Do not look at the headlines, this is the best stock tip you have ever received. Hopefully you can begin to make money with this methodology, and begin to see an increase in your portfolio. Have a good day! Don't worry you can thank me later...LOL